Book Save Park Fly

Streetsense was hired to promote the launch of ParkRDU’s online booking system (OBS), promote the launch of a brand new parking offering (ParkRDU Express), increase the percentage of online parking transactions, total parking revenue, and market share over competing parking and transportation options such as Fast Park & Relax, Uber, Lyft as well as provide consumer activation and engagement for concessions at the Airport.

Working with the Streetsense team is a pleasure; they are flexible, collaborative and innovative professionals. Their thoughtful expertise, while performing as an extension of our internal team, has proven to be extremely valuable. Together, we have delivered consistent positive results for our customers and the Airport Authority.

-Dan Miller, Vice President of Marketing

The Research

Through our research, we uncovered key insights for online booking systems including expected audience distribution, return on digital marketing investment, booking window optimization, discounting, incentive performance, and targeting optimizations. We also identified our target audience, developed personas by mapping out the catchment area for RDU using Esri’s ArcGIS Business Analyst and assessed the Tapestry lifestyle segments prevalent in the market. Finally, we used surveys and polls to test campaign creative concepts and potential incentives to inform the look, feel, and discounting strategies for our campaigns.

The Plan

With these insights, we developed a business model that informed the creation of an annual marketing plan and go-to-market strategy organized around a cadence of seasonal campaigns, beginning with the soft launch of the OBS and continuing throughout the full period of key travel seasons. We focused on trackable digital ad strategies across search, programmatic display and video, email and social channels, targeting established leisure and business personas with emphasis on confirmed travelers. Our integrated approach included growing ParkRDU accounts; using those emails to drive awareness and revenue; and targeting rideshare customers through the appropriate PESO channels. We also tracked and optimized continuously to secure the highest return on marketing investment.

Focusing on Concessions we created and launched the RDU Savings Passport, providing airport guests with a user-friendly digital platform for receiving deals and discounts when shopping and dining in the terminals. The Passport was promoted across all owned channels including airport signage, in-store collateral, email, social, RDU’s wifi system, and other digital assets. We also developed an on-site activation program where a team would engage with airport guests post security to introduce them to the RDU Saving Passport with the goal of sign-ups and redemptions. And finally, we leveraged the onsite team to visit with managers and employees to encourage participation in the program and solicit feedback for improvements.

The Results

Within six months of launch, we exceeded the established Parking KPIs as follows: 350% increase in parking booked online, 17% average e-commerce conversion rate, 7x growth in account holders / email database and 5.5x growth in website visitors. Within four months of the Savings Passport launch, the program grew to include 46 unique offers across 18 different venues, over 8,300 on-site guest interactions, close to 5,000 sign-ups, and over 600 redemptions.